Prices Shakti Villa

Prices 1. November - 30. April 

Room category Day / VB
without PK
14 Days VB
12 Days PK
21 Days VB
18 Days PK
Single Room with balkony € 75 € 2370 € 3555
Single Room with veranda € 80 € 2440 € 3660
Double Room for single use € 100 € 2720 € 4080
Double Room per pers.

€ 80

€ 2440

€ 3660

Pool-Bungalow SB € 110 € 2860 € 4290
Pool-Bungalow DBL per pers. € 90 € 2580 € 3870
Suite SB € 140 € 3280 € 4920
Suite DBL per pers. € 110 € 2860 € 4290


  • FB = Full-Board
  • PK = Pancha Karma Treatment
  • SB = Single-Room
  • DBL = Double-Room

Prices 1. May - 31. October

Room category Day / VB
without PK
14 Days VB
12 Days PK
21 Days VB
18 Days PK
Single Room with balkony € 70 € 2180 € 3270
Single Room with veranda € 75 € 2250  


More information

Beside individual ayurvedic treatmens and diet as well as high-qualitiy ayurvedic preparations, we offer you:

Ayurvedic talks, cooking demonstrations, group discussions, yoga and meditation.

Your stay and treatment can be tailored individually. All prices are excluding plane fare and transfer (110€).

If you are interested in an ayurvedic vitality treatment (light cleaning cure), the above-mentioned prices apply less 10€ per day.

If you are interested in an ayurvedic curative treatment (special panchakarma treatment), the above-mentioned prices apply plus 20€ per day.

If an curative treatment is advisable, can be decided by the physicians after your consultation on-site. The treatment success will always depend on a good peparation at home. You will get detailed recommondations after your booking.

Reservation and booking confirmation

The binding reservation occurs after the flight coordination, a written confirmation of booking /invoice on our part and the advance payment (15% of the fee) on your part. The remaining amount has to be payed 3 weeks prior to commencement of travel.


Air condition upon request plus 12 € per day.

Flight Booking

General Information

Sri Lanka Ayurveda Garden is a state inspected and certified institute for Pancha Karma treatments. Periodically our house is reviewed by the ayurvedic ministry. This guarantees you the highest standards for your treatment, adequate doctors and a high-quality of the products we use.

The key to a successful ayurvedic treatment are competent ayurvedic physicians and the quality of the ayurvedic preparations. Our medical doctors are known as leaders in qualification and experience far beyond Sri Lankas boarders. Furthermore we work together with specialists from various subject areas (e.g. gynaecology) and we employ an own specialist for the procudction of our used medicine. Our food is cooked in addition to every single individual dosha.