Yoga-Lehrer und Yoga-Therapeut Nuwan von "Shakti Villa" und "Sri Lanka Ayurveda Garden" auf Sri Lanka.

Yoga and Ayurveda The ideal addition

Our early morning yoga classes are suitable for beginners. In the afternoon, there is an advanced yoga class in the Ayurveda Garden Sri Lanka two days a week, as well as healing yoga individual lessons (for a fee). Lessons in the group are free of charge. Individual lessons can be booked for a small fee. The yoga classes usually take place in the yoga room. When the weather is fine, sometimes on the beach.

Body and mind interact. When the body is tense, the mind becomes tight inside. Nervousness in the body leads to many circling thoughts and vice versa. When the mind is wide and relaxed, the body relaxes, and vice versa. Then blockages can also be released and accelerate the healing process.

Blockages and tensions in the mind and body have their causes in our experiences, thoughts and feelings - simply in our identity. Our identity is an expression of our imprints. This has a direct effect on our body and shows itself as a pattern of tension up to psychosomatic complaints.

Yoga promotes physical and mental well-being. Yoga brings us into balance and is therefore an ideal addition to the Ayurveda-Cure.