Ganz allgemein ist während und nach der Kur ein In-Sich-Gehen und aufmerksames Beobachten der eigenen, psychischen und mentalen Vorgänge ratsam.
Hierzu ist die Meditation sehr hilfreich.

Life energy through meditation The soul in harmony with body and mind

A monk visits us once a week to meditate with our guests. On two other days, an employee offers a guided meditation. If there is enough interest, we will take our guests to a nearby temple to meditate with a monk. Of course there is always a translator with you. However, this can only be an aid because true meditation can only take place in yourself. The yoga room can be used for independent meditation.

Our Buddhist meditation monk teaches us that we receive our life energy, not through food, but through cosmic energy. The intensity depends on our thinking and acting, as well as on our karma. We mainly recharge this cosmic energy in the sleep phase. Through meditation, the cosmic flow of energy, especially in the thought-free state, is strengthened.

The energy that we consume through food, essentially serves to physically build and renew cells. In the meditative state, we increasingly take in cosmic life energy, which in turn serves to harmonize the energy principles (doshas). We can go to other levels of being through meditation and get an expanded view of our soul. We open up, expand our awareness and get an understanding of the interaction of the inner and outer reality.

In this blissful state we recognize the true values in life, feel the love and harmony, the connection with everything and know what we deeply yearn for. We are carefully introduced to unprocessed topics.

A rejuvenating and energetic meditation:

Sun, air, water, earth and fire

You sit straight and comfortably with your hands open. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply. Now focus on your mind's eye. Mentally ask for the divine solar energy. You feel the energy flowing through your mini chakras at your fingertips into your hands. The energy now flows from your hands through your arms and shoulders to your neck.

Feel the warmth and feel your skin tighten and rejuvenate. The energy now flows slowly over your face to the forehead and to the middle of the head. From there over the pituitary gland along the chakras down to the tailbone. You feel how the energy spreads harmoniously on your organs. Now the energy flows into the pelvis, the legs, to the feet. Feel how your entire body rejuvenates and vibrates in harmony.

Repeat this with air, water, earth and fire.

The more intensely you feel the energy, the more powerful the result will be. Please be aware that this energy is your life energy. In this way you harmonize the basic elements of all functions in your body.