Ayurveda-Massage mit 4 Händen. Dauer etwa 40 Minuten. Zwei Therapeuten massieren Sie sanft und synchron mit Ayurveda-Kräuteröl, welches auf Ihre aktuelle Konstitution abgestimmt ist. Diese Massage mobilisiert Ablagerungen, Schlacken und Gifte, fördert die

The Ayurveda Healing Cure in the Sri Lanka Ayurveda Garden & in the Shakti Villa

The Ayurveda healing cure usually includes applications that are included in the Pancha Karma cure. However, these are supplemented by special applications and special herbal preparations. It is not unusual for special herbal preparations to be made for guests and for complex special diets to be prepared.

Daily treatments can take several hours and are spread throughout the day. Our doctors can only assess whether a cure is necessary after the initial consultation. Sometimes it only takes a few days. If necessary, the surcharge for the spa treatment can be paid on site.

Ayurveda has never been limited to healing. As a science of life, Ayurveda strives for a long and happy life with physical and mental health. Ayurveda cures promote health, strengthen the body's defenses and self-healing powers and provide new life energy. The competence of the Ayurveda doctors and the quality of the Ayurveda preparations are decisive.

Our doctors are there for you day and night and are open to any question.

  • Yoga, meditation and Tai Chi
  • Shop with Ayurveda articles
  • Ayurvedic cooking demonstrations
  • Ayurveda lectures and discussion groups
  • Seminars (will be announced in due course)
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