Bei der Ayurveda Pulsdiagnose kann das Ungleichgewicht der Doshas ermittelt werden.

Quality Criteria for your Pancha Karma Treatment Significant for the therapy success

Ayurveda is now widespread and is offered in many places. For the guest, the quality of the service is often very difficult to assess. In Sri Lanka, the Ayurveda Ministry strives to control the quality criteria, but only a few resorts adhere to the requirements. There are differentiated approvals for Ayurveda hotels (wellness) and Ayurveda clinics (Pancha Karma). Only state-approved health clinics are allowed to offer Pancha Karma cures, but this rule is also often ignored. If in doubt, have the state approval shown.


The Sri Lanka Ayurveda Garden and the Shakti Villa are certified by the Ayurveda Ministry of Pancha Karma Cures and are subject to strict controls.

In Sri Lanka Pancha Karma cures may only be declared as such if they have been checked and approved by the Ayurveda Ministry. This regulation is intended to give the guest / patient more security when choosing the provider and to prevent the commercial abuse of Ayurveda. The term Ayurveda cure, or similar, is not the same as Pancha Karma cure and does not guarantee tested competence. In principle, wellness Ayurveda can be offered by everyone and is subject to little official control. Ayurveda is the most important medical system in Sri Lanka and has much more to offer than pure relaxation: it is an ancient, all-encompassing health education that needs to be preserved and protected.

The quality criteria listed will drastically limit the large, seemingly unmanageable selection of spa providers, as not every provider fulfills the necessary requirements.

As it is about your health, the quality of the offered service should have priority. However, high-quality products and qualified employees are also expensive. Therefore, low-cost providers should be examined particularly critically.

How long should a Pancha Karma cure last?

A complete Pancha Karma treatment, with preparation and follow-up treatment, takes about 30 days and more. Even if only three rejection procedures are carried out properly, three weeks are recommended for the main cure. With a good pre-and post-cure at home, however, two weeks can bring an acceptable treatment success. If no cure preparation and no instructions for follow-up cure are offered, you should rather refrain.


A detailed diagnosis by qualified Ayurveda doctors is essential at the beginning of an Ayurveda cure. Without previous diagnostics, there can be no consideration for procedures and, if necessary, contraindications. This recording cannot be replaced by questionnaires either. The condition of the guest should also be checked several times by a qualified Ayurveda doctor during the cure.

Experience is a key criterion for choosing a Pancha Karma health resort. Therefore, ask directly about the training and practical experience of the team, doctors and therapists. Our doctors are rich in experience and specialized in Pancha Karma cures.

Cure preparation

In order to ensure a successful main cure, specific dietary and lifestyle measures are required prior to departure. At best, this should take 1 to 3 months in order to be able to give unrestricted and in-depth therapy in the main course. Classically, the cure preparation is done by an internal oiling with medicated butterfat (ghrta or ghee). The dose can be given once or twice a day, usually around 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. This can be done at home before the cure. Our guests will receive the detailed information together with the booking confirmation.

Main cure

In a Pancha Karma main cure, constant contact with the leading Ayurveda doctor is irreplaceable. The doctor queries the most important parameters daily and aligns the daily schedule accordingly. If you receive a pre-prepared standard plan with details of all therapies at the beginning of the treatment, this indicates a general implementation without individual differentiation.

Classically performed Pancha Karma rarely leads to emergencies. Nevertheless, the optional availability of emergency medical support is important, especially on the days of diversion. A qualified Ayurveda doctor should be available day and night.

Pancha Karma changes the sensory perception of many people. Spending so much time with oneself, the own inner dialogues and films can make information, that has so far been stored unconsciously conscious. This is an important process for the cure success, which, however, also requires a certain calm, security and harmony in the environment of the spa facility. Ayurveda hotels in tourist areas can hardly guarantee this. The harmonious interaction of all employees is also very important, because only balanced, happy and self-sufficient employees can convey the necessary security and warm care to the guest / patient. This harmony can hardly be achieved with a cost-saving personnel policy. We mainly employ longstanding employees who are attuned to the well-being of our guests.

The Pancha Karma cure diet

The Pancha Karma cure diet consists of an individually coordinated, tasty, light diet. No meat and milk products are served during the treatment. However, some types of fish are allowed. A buffet is absolutely unsuitable for a carefully carried out Pancha Karma treatment. The food and drinks should be prepared and served individually under the supervision of a doctor.

Pancha Karma is a reducing process in which only warm drinks such as boiled water or specific herbal teas should be consumed. Milk, coffee, alcohol, lemonades or fruit teas should be avoided during the cure.

The quality of the food should be the top priority. Therefore we obtain a large part of the food from our own organic cultivation and only use high-quality and organic products.


The cure demands a lot of energy and endurance - for this reason, intensive sporting activities should be avoided. Light yoga and gymnastics exercises or walks are not affected and can be carried out according to the cure phase.

Pancha Karma cure treatments

According to the regulations of the Ayurveda Ministry, the applications should only be carried out by therapists of the same sex. Disregard indicates that there is no state permission for Pancha Karma cures.

Whole body massages (Abhyanga) are carried out daily in addition to the internal oiling before the rejection. After the internal oiling has ended, there are 1 to 3 days with additional sweating (Svedana), then the excretion takes place. In the enema phase, further individual applications (e.g. Pinda Sveda, Shirodhara, Kati Basti) are carried out according to the indication. Proper colon cleansing and intestinal regeneration from enemas should not be missing if the Pancha Karma treatment is carried out correctly. Our Pancha Karma guests receive an intestinal cleansing and a multi-day intestinal regeneration in addition to the other diversion procedures.

Pancha means "five" - ​​a cure that only takes into account 1 or 2 methods of elimination cannot be called Pancha Karma. To justify this term, at least three of the five procedures and always Virechana (purgation) and Basti (rectal enemas) should be carried out.

During your cure, you will generally receive the following treatments: synchronized massages, face, foot and head massages, partial body massages, neck and shoulder massages, special and intensive massages, herbal powder massages, colon cleansing and intestinal cleansing, forehead and whole body oiling, nose and sinus cleaning, eye cleaning , ear cleaning, herbal steam and herbal water baths and finally a flower bath. In addition, various special treatments are carried out if necessary. In the case of psychosomatic problems, marmapoint treatments, as well as special yoga and meditation exercises can be used.

The rest after the Virechana (colon cleansing) should take place for at least one day, in which no large treatments or other measures take place. The diet should be built up gradually according to the aftercare.

Post treatment

Without adequate post-treatment at home, the cleaning success you have acquired cannot be sustained. Therefore, a home plan with information is an important criterion for responsible Pancha Karma. In addition, contact to the Ayurveda doctor should also be possible after the cure.

We are available to our guests with advice and action even after the cure. Questions and medical orders will be processed immediately.

State-certified health clinic

A Pancha Karma cure in the country of origin Sri Lanka is preferable to a cure in Germany. Registered Ayurveda health resorts in Sri Lanka have been checked by the Ayurveda Ministry since December 2008. Strict conditions and regular inspections ensure the competence and quality of the certified spa companies. A certified Ayurveda spa company receives a certificate for this from the Ayurveda Ministry, which must be renewed annually. If you look at it, pay attention to the current period.

Examined are

  • The correct performance of the Pancha Karma Cure
  • The treatment concept
  • The qualifications of physicians
  • The therapists qualification and work
  • The production of herbal preparations
  • The suppliers of ayurvedic oils and medicine
  • The ayurvedic pharmacy
  • The ayurvedic cuisine
  • The accommodation of guests

Below you can see some certificates, as well as published research work by our doctors.