Vastu-Gemälde in der "Shakti Villa", Ayurveda-Kurhotel in Ambalangoda auf Sri Lanka.

Ayurveda and Art Vastu creates harmony

Vastu, the energy and shape theory of Ayurveda, is the basis for my art objects. In Ayurveda, the various forms of energy are used to maintain health and to achieve healing. Ayurveda ensures the right balance of bioenergies in the body and Vastu creates harmony in the surrounding space.

My sculptures combine the female and male principle, the elements earth, fire, water, air and address the elemental longing for union in humans. Mathematically calculated areas, intuition and creativity guide me in finding the perfect shape. A shape that vibrates in harmony with nature and emits positive energy. Pure 24 carat gold reflects this energy, fills the surrounding space and touches the viewer in a miraculous way.

Vastu is an old indian design theory and is now used worldwide again. Vastu wants to bring so-called "holistic" life in harmony with the laws of nature and the cosmos. Vastu is a Sanskrit word and means nature,  surroundings or environment. The derived word Vastu refers more specifically to all types of buildings and structures.

The ancient indian culture was based on the vedic scriptures. These writings are a total of tens of thousands of Sanskrit texts on all areas of human culture. They include philosophical, religious and spiritual content and deal with the perfection of many areas of knowledge. In these writings one also finds the so-called Vastu-shastra (the science about architecture).

The Vastu teaching assumes that different energies act on the earth: the rays of the sun, the moon and planets, but also magnetic, bio-electrical and thermal "energy fields". Vastu also wants to take into account the properties of fthe ive "elements": earth, water, fire, air, ether (space).

Vastu is related to geomancy and feng shui. Indian historians dated the Vastu doctrine between 5000 and 7000 BC. Vastu and Feng-Shui appear superficially different and sometimes seem contradictory, but on a deeper level they have many similarities. This primarily concerns cosmology, the meaning of numbers, basal symbols (square, line) and their energetic and mystical interpretation.

Below is a small selection of my Vastu art objects. If you are interested, please ask for the prices using our contact form.

Yours faithfully
Erich Böhm