Das Mantrasingen findet einmal pro Woche im Sri Lanka Ayurveda Garden statt.

The harmonizing singing of mantras

The mantra singing takes place free of charge once a week after dinner in the yoga house or in the open air with a campfire. All participants sit in a circle and just try to sing along. It is not difficult but great fun!

Mantras are vibrations that open up access to the unlimited potential of our personality. By repetitively singing mantras, we adjust to a divine frequency and are in contact with the cosmic consciousness. If we don't want to produce anything, but rather let our hearts sing, it opens up and communicates. The inner space of cosmic harmony and love opens up automatically, from which contentment, silence and compassion emerge.

If you concentrate on your palate while singing, you can perceive the vibration from the “space of cosmic love”. Just pay attention to your feelings, intuitions and insights. Your perception becomes a mirror of your soul.

We recommend the CD “Waves of Love” by Marion Bröcking to make it easier to sing along. You can order it by email: mail@coachingmb.de