Der Kräutersammler sammelt Blätter und Blüten für den Ayurveda-Arzt, der daraus eine wirkungsvolle Ayurveda-Medizin herstellt.

The Ayurveda herbal preparations Naturally good for body and soul.

In addition to the type-appropriate diet, you will receive a box three times a day with your medicine in it. The pharmacist will bring this to you. In some cases, however, the doctor will also administer additional medicine.

We purchase many herbal preparations and oils from state-controlled manufacturers who pay attention to tradition and purity. The quality of the products has top priority. There are very effective herbal supplements that can usually achieve permanent improvement without side effects.

For some diseases, however, special medicine often has to be manufactured. The ingredients for this are mostly fresh or dried herbs, which our herb collector finds in the nature. The pharmacist then prepares the medicine under the supervision of a doctor. You are welcome to watch or have simple prescriptions for your medicine cabinet explained by our doctors. This is always very interesting for our guests.