Auf dem Obstmarkt von Ambalangoda werden viele exotische Früchte angeboten.
Auf dem Obstmarkt von Ambalangoda werden viele exotische Früchte angeboten.
Auf dem Obstmarkt von Ambalangoda werden viele exotische Früchte angeboten.
Auf dem Obstmarkt von Ambalangoda werden viele exotische Früchte angeboten.
Auf dem Obstmarkt von Ambalangoda werden viele exotische Früchte angeboten.

Excursions and trips Explore Sri Lanka

There is a lot to discover and experience around Ambalangoda. Since the treatments usually take place in the morning, you often have the opportunity to explore the surroundings. For this purpose, several guests like to join together. The excursions can be booked on site at the reception. Below are a few examples. The prices indicated are not binding. These can change slightly depending on the course and offer.

Cheap trips are often offered outside the hotel. Please keep in mind that you have no protection and are not insured. People like to be cheap and friendly, but they try to get their money in an indirect way. Experience has shown that guests were often cheated and harassed and ended up paying a lot more. Please do not give anyone information about yourself or other guests.

Ambalangoda is a fishing town, but also known for its mask carvers and devil dancers. Here you can observe the hustle and bustle of the city in a small singalese town, because there is little tourism. Ambalangoda is the city with the most Buddhists and therefore there are many temples. Cinnamon, tea and rice are grown in the surrounding area.

  • Ambalangoda city centre
    one way
    2 km, 10 Min., Tuk-Tuk Rs 80

  • Ambalangoda city center
    there and back with waiting time
    2 km, 30 Min., Tuk-Tuk, Rs 200

  • Ambalangoda round trip
    Mask museum, shopping, batik, temple, fish market, harbour and much more
    ca. 8 km, 3 h, Tuk-Tuk, Rs 1000

The Reclining Buddha near Ambalangoda is the largest reclining Buddha in Southeast Asia. The journey takes you through a rural area with rice fields, cinnamon and tea plantations. A visit to a moonstone mine can be combined on request.

  • Reclining Buddha including landscape tour
    15 km, 2,5 h
    Van Rs 3300 Tuk Tuk Rs 2000
    Only Buddha, 1,5 h, Tuk-Tuk, Rs 800

The sunrise lagoon tour is an unforgettable experience. Before the Madu-Ganga River flows into the Indian Ocean, the water flows into a huge lagoon with over 65 islands. You visit an island with a temple and a family on another island. The flora and fauna offers numerous motifs for the photo album.

  • Boat trip in the lagoon
    4 km, 2,5 h
    Van Rs 5000, Tuk Tuk Rs 3500
    (including boat and guide) 

The search and processing of the coveted moonstones is explained and shown in the moonstone mine. Sometimes cinnamon processing is also demonstrated there. You will find a large selection of gemstones and jewelry. The prices are negotiable.
A visit to the jungle temple is also possible on the way. About 50 monks live there and there is a particularly peaceful and meditative atmosphere.

  • Moonstone mine and jungle temple
    8 km, 3 h
    Van Rs 2500, Tuk-Tuk Rs 1500

The architect Geoffrey Bawa shaped the architecture in Sri Lanka with his style. In addition to the beautifully landscaped park, you can also visit some houses on the site.

  • Bawa Garden (price without ticket)
    29 km, 4 h,
    Van Rs 4500 Tuk-Tuk Rs 2500

This enchanted garden was created by Bevis Bawa, Geoffrey Bawa's brother, in 1929. After his death, Bevis bequeathed the garden to his employees.

  • Brief Garden (price without ticket)
    27 km, 4 h
    Van Rs 4500, Tuk-Tuk Rs 2500

Hikkaduwa is shaped by tourism and is well suited for shopping. On the way there you can visit the moonstone mine or a temple.

  • Hikkaduwa shoppingtour
    8 km, 2,5 h
    Van Rs 2500, Tuk-Tuk Rs 1000

In the Kande Vihara Temple you can visit the largest seated Buddha statue in Sri Lanka (accessible from the inside). There are a lot of people to be found there, especially on Sundays and full moon days. With a little luck, you can also see an elephant. And there is a turtle farm on the way that can be visited.

  • Tempel Kanda Viharaya
    23 km, 3 h
    Van Rs 4000, Tuk-Tuk Rs 2200

The trip to Galle takes you to a fort built by the Portuguese around 1588. The unusual architectural style for Sri Lanka is explained by the Dutch takeover of the fort in 1640 and the Dutch preference for the colonial style. The fort, which has been exceptionally well preserved to this day, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988. Enjoy the flair of yesteryear, perhaps with a drink on one of the roof terraces or while strolling on the fortress wall. A visit to Barefoot is particularly worthwhile for high-quality souvenirs.

On the way to Galle you will also pass a silkfactory. In this shop, the creation of the noble material is explained to you step by step. Of course you can also buy fabrics and clothing there.

  • Galle Fort
    30 km, 4 h
    Van Rs 4500, Tuk-Tuk Rs 2500

In the tea plantation in the hinterland of Galle you can try and buy different types of tea.

  • Tea plantation and tea factory
    40 km, 4,5 h
    Van Rs 6500, Tuk Tuk Rs 4200

The best way to plan the day tour Hikkaduwa, Galle, tea plantation, Unawatuna is after the treatment. The individual stations are described above and can also be supplemented with a visit to the temple or the moonstone mine. Unawatuna is a tourist place around a large bay, where swimming is possible even in rough seas.

  • Hikkaduwa, Galle, tea plantation, Unawatuna
    50 km, 8 h
    Van Rs 7500, Tuk Tuk Rs 5000